New Neverwinter

The Radiant Vessel

A mission to find a divine artifact

Act 2

The Cloaktower Orcs
Golem’s Fall

Gaze upon this magnificent structure ladies and gentlemen! Which hands built this colossus? Some say it be elves, others claim it be dwarves, and yet others say that it might have been the work of old Netheril that create this very monument you have come to visit! Regardless of the origins, this bit is true. In my hand, I hold a potent elixir. Made from the very stones and crystals harvested from the colossus….

- Fenthik Scull
Peddler at Golem’s Fall

The party was contacted by a singular Mordai Vell, a tiefling merchant of much clout and renown within the Merchant’s Guild. Over dinner, he told them that he saw it as his personal missions to see the betterment of Neverwinter. He admits that it is near impossible to restore it to its previous glory as the Jewel of the North, but he might as well start trying. For that he will like to enlist the aid of the party.

He also introduced a priestess of Chauntea, Peris Ogander. Peris, he said, is a healer from the Sisters of Chauntea, and has seeked his help in the recovery of a divine artifact known as the Radiant Vessel.

The last she had heard about this very artifact, was that it was enroute to Neverwinter to help in the cure of the Bluefire plague. But apparently the Cloaktower Orcs had stolen the artifact. She knows of some contacts within the Orc territory and was hoping to meet these friendlies in The Fallen Tower. She requests that the party escort her, for she fears what the Cloaktower Orcs might do if they react badly to the collaboration between her allies and her.

Fire had broken out in the tavern. As to Peris’ worst fears, the Cloaktower Orcs did not take kindly to her allies speaking to her. A running fight broke out as Peris and her escort fought for their lives to escape orc territory. Her allies, an orc named Zarful, and his guardian, a big half-orc wielding a big greatsword, fought their way out of the burning tavern, through their spellscarred kin. The fight wore on, as the party was completed surrounded and faced off two of Vansi’s lieutenants.

However, they made a break in the enclosing circle and escape with barely their lives intact.

Yet, fate will have it that the party will be split. Affus, Dayareth and Rander got separated from Peris and Tal’eyr, along with the orc band. Filled with rage, Vansi appeared before Affus, Dayereth and Rander, demanding for their blood. Unable to best her, Affus and Rander fell to the powerful strokes of Vansi’s flail as Dayereth escape. However, it was a potent burst of sorcery that got him back to the battlefield. Just as Vansi was about to deliver the killing blows to his compatriots, a man appeared, floating above the two unconscious bodies. His sorcery stunk heavily of blood but Dayereth cannot deny the potency of his power. It was brief, the confrontation between the stranger and Vansi, and it was with much frustration and spite that Vansi retreated from the man.

He introduced himself as Arlen Nostrus, a sangromancer who saw it his mission to prevent he depredations of the orcs that close to Blacklake. He happened to witness the fight between Vansi and the party, and decided to help.

In the resulting chaos, Tal’eyr lost sight of Zarful and Peris. When contact was made later, the party discovered that Zarful was able to secure the Radiant Vessel, actually a girl gifted with a divine spark. Yet the pair were hunted by the Cloaktower Orcs, and had found themselves within an ancient elven ruin. Much to their horror, as the party went into to rescue the pair, the ruins came to life as a stone colossus, reanimated by fell powers of a oddly dressed elf. The elf, annoyed that his work was interrupted by the party, attacked them. The fight saw the destruction of the colossus and claimed the life of Rander of Krohlm.


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