Fame Points and City Building

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This is a separate mechanic from the game used to track the progress of Blacklake as well as the progress of the heroes. Fame is awarded from completing quests or meeting certain challenges. Points contribute to the overall renown of the heroes, possibly bringing them to the attention of more influential personages, or even of other worldly beings.

Fame points can be spend as though they are currency. The primary way of spending Fame spends will be using the heroes’s fame as leverage for improving services or facilities in Blacklake and the River District. At this moment in time, New Neverwinter is closed to the Heroes’ influence.

Also, as Tal’eyr has suggested to form an adventuring guild too, Fame points will also be used to track what kind of quests are available to the characters or if needs be, influence the progress of the guild.

This is the current situation:

Eliminating the Source of the bluefire Plague = 1 point
Destruction of the Colossus = 2 points
(but because Affus redirect that to the orcs, you do not gain these points)
Elimination of the Deadrats = 2 points (see Deadrats entry)
Elimination of the Orcs = 5 points

Total: 8 fame points.

City Building

City Building is perhaps one of the primary ways to spend Fame points. These are spent in actions, be it negotiations with the relevant tradesmen, the establishment of certain facilities etc. The party can only spend 1 action per week, and the Fame point cost also indicates how many weeks is required before the designated service can be completed.

The services that are available to Blacklake are separated into Tiers. At the moment, due to the Spellfire Plague and the goblin raids, Blacklake is in a severe mess and work has come to a halt. Each service can have a maximum of 4 stages, and each requires an additional Fame point to activate.

For instance, to recruit Masons to commence and continue their work on Blacklake’s reconstruction would require 1 Fame point, and 1 week of working.

Stage 2: To set up resources routes and resource depots for the Masons would see the party spending 2 Fame points, and requiring at least 2 weeks of working.

Stage 3: To establish a Mason’s guild in order to coordination reconstruction efforts and also to start planning on bigger projects, the party will need to invest 3 Fame points and 3 Weeks to see the project to fruition.

Tier 1: (1 fame to activate, subsequent +1 for each upgrade. Max of 4 stages per)
Mason, Guards, Market, Docks,

Tier 2: (1 fame to activate. Requires at least 2 from Tier 1)
Market, Blacksmith, Temples, School, River District, Council Building.

Exception: River District requires 3 fame points to activate. See River District.

Tier 3: (1 fame to activate, Requires at least 1 from Tier 2)
Wizard School, Notable Landmarks, Keep.

River District:
Tier 1: (1 fame to activate)
Farms, Residentials, Primal Grove

Every 3 stages in River district will increase all options in Blacklake by 1.

For all options: Getting to Stage 4 will reward 5 fame points.

Fame Points and City Building

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