Genesis Trees

Legend has it that in the days of old, Corellon Larethain blessed a great elven city with three divine seeds. These seeds were meant to represent an aspect of him and the trees that grew from them shone with divine light.

With much investigation and researching, Dayereth managed to unearth much about the Genesis Trees within the Hall of Knowledge:

- Illumdar, The Tree of Rain: A tree blessed with the divine light of Corellon Larethian, its leaves drip golden light down in a sacred rain. Also known as the Tree of Illuminating Light and Knowledge, a grand open roof library was build beneath the grand tree as a shrine to Corellon Larethian

- Darsanus, The Rivertree: A tree planted by the banks of the Neverwinter River, quietly pulsing nature’s gift, fruiting and ensuring the land is ever fertile and prosperous. The River tree is a place of contemplation and quietude, reflecting the aspect of Nature and the primal world of Corellon Larethian.

-Arwandar, The Tree of Bows: a tree planted in the courtyard of a castle, its blessed red leaves used to forge armour which ancient warriors could command to attack in sword style known as the Red Leaf Style.

Genesis Trees

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