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The docks

The Docks is the entrance of many an adventurer to the shores of Neverwinter. While rebuilt and functional, Neverwinter’s docks no longer see the great amount of traffic and trade as she used to enjoy. Nonetheless, this neighborhood is a favourite of sailors, travellers, and strangers to region.

Driftwood Tavern
Sunken Docks

Ghostly quarters
Blacklake locale

Once the home and pride of the noble of Neverwinter, Blacklake was devastated by the eruption of Mount Hotenow. Where rows of manicured lawns and hedge once stood, now rot broken homes and scorched lands. The years have not been kind to district. Scores of fire-gutted manors lie empty in Blacklake, their estates overgrown. Blacklake’s namesake was poluuted by a great deal of ash and fallouts in the eruption, and is more of a midden pit of sludge than a lake. Nonetheless, outside of New Neverwinter, Blacklake is possibly the most inhabitable district.

Tinkerers and Trinkets
Redjoy Manor
Darnell Estate
The Warrens
Shrine of the Blessed Martyr
The Barricade

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River district

Merchants used to fill the streets of the Merchants’ Quarter. Now called the River district, it is nothing but a wasteland of abandoned homes, overgrown fields and lurking beasts. One would have thought that the district would have been populated by now, an idea that was thwarted by the occupation of the Cloak Tower by a bellicose army of orcs. Skirmishes oft broke out between the Neverwinter Guard and the orcs, but being unable to repel the invaders, River District remains the wilds that it had become.

The Riverine
The Fallen Tower
The Shard of Night
Cloak Tower
Darsanus, the First to Awaken

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Neverwinter locale

The Protector’s Enclave, or so it was called by Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, before the recent renaming by the disgruntled folk of Blacklake. New Neverwinter is fully populated and its citizens enjoy the exclusive protection and aid of the Lord Protector and his legion of Mintarn Guards. Such privileges are not extended past the Wall and the Neverwinter River, making the denizens of Blacklake feel like they have been abandoned to their own despite the Lord Protector’s proclamation to rebuild Neverwinter. Most services and merchants have relocated to this disstrict, yet there are disturbing rumours coming from within.

House of Knowledge
The Crypts
Hall of Justice
Moonstone Mask
The Wall

Pic outer

The region around Neverwinter is filled with danger and adventure. And these are but a few of the locations.

Golem’s Fall


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