The Jewel of the North

Neverwinter; shattered by the Spellplague and then the eruption of Mount Hotenow, it stands now in the ashes of its past, a city thought lost to the north. The rigors of the years and neglect have worn down much of the city’s original architecture. Buildings lie in ruins, or crumbling into unkempt roads.

Yet hope survives. Her faithful citizens have return, nursing the wounded city back to vitality. Recent repair efforts have given Neverwinter a patchwork appearance; slums are juxtaposed with new construction, all resting on broken remnants of old buildings. Hope that has yet to be diminished.

But shadows lurk within its broken homes. Conspiracies are hatched within its rotting entrailsm threatening to bring the city to its knees. Now the question is traveller, will you aid Neverwinter in her recovery, or will you sit upon her throne and see the fledgling city bend her knees to you will?

- The People of the Game

- Notes about the campaign setting

- The story of the campaign thus far.


Additional Mechanics

Fame Points and City Building

Act 1:
The Spellfire Plague New

Currently Working:

Chapter 1
Spellfire Plague
The Radiant Vessel
Goblin and Sheep
The House at Delver’s Street
The Way to the Cloak Tower
Vansi the Scarred
Epilogue: The Iomic Crystals

Chapter 2
The Bullywug Gambit

New Pages and Newly Updated

New Neverwinter

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