New Neverwinter

The Story So Far

Spellfire Plague
The Radiant Vessel
Goblin and Sheep
The House at Delver’s Street
The Way to the Cloak Tower
Vansi the Scarred
Epilogue: The Iomic Crystals

The Radiant Vessel
A mission to find a divine artifact

Act 2

The Cloaktower Orcs
Golem’s Fall

Gaze upon this magnificent structure ladies and gentlemen! Which hands built this colossus? Some say it be elves, others claim it be dwarves, and yet others say that it might have been the work of old Netheril that create this very monument you have come to visit! Regardless of the origins, this bit is true. In my hand, I hold a potent elixir. Made from the very stones and crystals harvested from the colossus….

- Fenthik Scull
Peddler at Golem’s Fall


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